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Tech News - March 12, 2018

Twitter to verify all accounts, CEO Jack Dorsey

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Twitter considering verification of all Twitter users


After all the hype, Twitter is finally considering verifying all the accounts. Initially, it was a feature given to celebrities, public figures and athletes only. But later was the verification was also introduced to journalists and bloggers among other individuals.

The only hurdle one has to climb nowadays in the journey of confirmation is an explanation on why you need verification symbol. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey speaking during a periscope Livestream on Thursday stated that the company would roll out verification for all the twitter community to ensure credibility.

The primary goal of this is part of Twitter’s plans to restore courtesy on the social platform. Dorsey termed the current system as “broken”, and there’s need to change some core terms and conditions.

This may be just one of the ninety-nine problems that the platform is currently facing together with its counterpart Facebook. Verified Twitter accounts Were just to prevent anyone else from impersonating as being the real celebrity or public figure. But Twitter users, on the other hand, have viewed the Verification symbol as support of Twitter to the persons’ opinions.

Given the previous criticism to the social platform to the number of bots in the platform. Jack Dorsey also cited that the community has misused the platform and it needs an urgent fix. Dorsey admits to having problems and is even ready to receive proposals on how to make the social platform better.

“We have witnessed abuse, harassment, troll armies, manipulation through robots and human-coordination, misinformation campaigns, and increasingly divisive echo chambers,” Dorsey said. Recently Twitter has gone further to suspending a few famous Twitter accounts for which they cited as stealing tweets from other users without acknowledgement of the owners. The fiasco continues.

But will the verification solve Twitter’s problems?

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