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Apps & Games - August 24, 2018

Top 8 Best Android Launchers in 2018

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Talking about launchers, it should give you additional functionality and new feel and Interactive User Interface. Sometimes we get bored with our default phone launchers that why we need some custom launchers to make integration with our devices feel alive again. There are so many launchers on Google Play store just heading there may offer you a mix up on what to install. So in this post, we look at the best Android Launchers for 2018.

N/B: This list is random and not per quality or recommendation order. Choose your own based on this list.

  1. Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is our first recommendation. This launcher has been in the Google Play store for quite a long time, and with each improvement, it presents a new feel for the end user. What I love about Nova is the many Icon Packs are available on the Play store to help you customize icons based on your preferences. It features customized notification icons, navigation gestures and also docks customization plus you also have frequently used apps among other features.

  1. Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher has the same UI as that in Pixel flagships. If you wish to make your phone feel Pixel-like, then this should be your Go Launcher. One thing I love about the Pixel launcher is lightness and fast nature. Pixel launcher supports features such as app suggestions, easy Google search button, and a customizable floating dock.

  1. XOS Launcher

XOS launcher mimics the Infinix UI skin. I’ve been using XOS for some time now, and sure it’s been impressive. It’s a simple launcher with well custom icons, customizable dock, lots of themes released each week plus a remarkable combination of wallpapers come along. There’s a search app bar at the top of the home screen which gives you a one-stop search for apps, people in your contacts and you can also perform a Google search. You can customize the text colors, scrolling direction and also customize icon sizes.

  1. BlackBerry Launcher

Well, maybe the BlackBerry OS sucks because of the limited number of apps in their store, but you love the OS itself. Blackberry OS should be your choice then. Blackberry launcher I should say it’s the best launcher for productivity with easy shortcuts like writing a text message, straightforwardly calling a friend.  You can also add shortcuts such as calendar events, notes for easy accessibility. Blackberry launcher for built for productivity.

  1. Total Launcher

The total launcher has surpassed 1 million downloads in the Play store, but that’s not the reason I recommended. Total launcher has several skins also that make it very much alive the major problem is that it is sometimes maybe confusing for first-timers. This launcher fronts customizable features such as vertical scrolling, pop-up windows, dynamic text/images, rich features widgets and an app drawer.

  1. Evie Launcher

Evie launcher is also a light and fast launcher for Android. Additionally, it’s also highly customizable just as Nova Launcher. Evie features include quick navigation, universal search, custom shortcuts, and even great personalization regarding icons and also wallpapers. Additionally, if you need your unique look, you can start from scratch and build your own Evie Launcher skin. Also, you can enjoy Android O notifications style plus you can choose your custom search engine. For speed and simplicity, Evie always wins it for sure.

  1. Apex Launcher

Apex is another great launcher to try out. Apex features include customizable home screen, fancy transition effects, desktop lock, hide apps, back up, and data restoration, scrollable dock plus you can also customize the launcher with fancy icons from the already compatible Icon packs in the Play store. The Pro version of Apex increases drawer customizability, notifications count plus additional transition effects.

  1. Smart Launcher 5

One fantastic thing about Smart Launcher 5 is its app drawers. Another notable thing about this launcher is the ambient theme which changes the theme colors to match your wallpaper. More features on this launcher include; adaptive icons (An android Oreo feature), smart search, onscreen notifications, hide apps, an ultra-immersive mode which helps you hide navigation bar and also easy customization. Plus you also have gestures and hotkeys for easier navigation with little efforts.

What’s your best Android Launcher? Comment below

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