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Reviews - February 9, 2018

Top 10 Tech Savvy Countries

Here are the countries killing it tech-wise

Top 10 tech savvy countries

When it comes to technology, everyone has an equal opportunity to make things work for themselves. But here’s the thing, some countries are ahead miles from the rest of the world. The top five tech savvy countries in the world actually embrace technology every day. They simply eat, sleep and live technology.

Tech can be traced back in the previous centuries, invented by genius scientists. Things have changed nowadays, everywhere in the world technology is highly embraced. New inventions are coming up every day, something new has to be done in order to simplify life positively (in some way the opposite is true also). According to a report the most tech savvy countries in the World usually bank good amount of cash from technology innovation to their economy each year.

And the interesting thing about these tech savvy countries is that, it’s not really about the government implementation of tech or embrace of technology; but the citizens embrace of tech in startups and in everyday activities which contribute high revenue to the countries’ economy.

The Global Information Technology Report is usually an index which oversees the embrace of technology networking in countries to rank them accordingly. The report is usually based on an index known as the Networked Readiness Index (NRI). The NRI is based on the measurement of a country to embrace and utilize technology in various fields.


  1. Sweden

Sweden is one of the most famous countries in the tech sector, banking millions of money every year from tech. With the secret banking accounts and the governmental initiative to invest in tech most tycoons and big business men always banking in Sweden.

  1. Finland

Small as it is, Finland is also active in technology and size doesn’t matter for sure. With support and passionate citizens working in the tech field. Finland has a high per capita income generated from tech innovations.

  1. Singapore

Singapore has been consistent in the Networked Readiness Index’s (NRI) according to a report from the Global Information Technology Report in the recent years.

Other counties in the top 10 include Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Israel, U.K, the Netherlands and the United States.

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