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Tips and Tricks - August 3, 2018

How to save Twitter videos to Android, iPhone or PC

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You may be wishing to keep some video from your Twitter application, but you don’t know how. In this tutorial; get to know some of the great ways you can use to save Twitter videos to be on your Phone or PC be it funny to show your buddies or just for future references. Twitter has built both their web version, desktop and mobile version apps to disable automatic video saving to local storage.

One simple and free way to do so is by using a simple website going by the name “TwitterVideoDownloader” the URL is twittervideodownloader.com on both mobile(Android and iOS) and PC.

  • Open twitter app or in a browser (any will work).
  • Go to the tweet with video you wish to save
  • Click on the right drop-down menu on the tweet with the video
  • Then a menu will pop-up with a variety of options
  • Choose “copy link to tweet” (Android) or choose “tweet via” then select copy link from the pop-up (iOS).

Then finally go To “TwitterVideoDownloader” and paste the URL (Ctrl+V) in PC or press and hold the blank and paste the URL (Android or iOS). The hit the “Download” button. You will then be offered with options regarding the size of the video you want (varies). Choose any that you want.

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The video will open in a new window, and you need to press anywhere on the video and choose “save video as”(right-click on PC) or “download video” on Android or for iOS select the save button on the bottom and select “add to home screen” and  save the clip in whichever name you want. The website can also save GIFs from twitter.

Secondly, you can use some apps on the Google Play store to do so. Here are some apps that will quickly get the job done:

  1. Videoorder

I’ve put this app in the first place precisely because I’ve used it and the experience has been great.


  • Download videos from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Daily Motion, etc. In short download videos from anywhere on the internet.
  • Fast download speeds.
  • Small size app.

You can use the other apps such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Musical.ly, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Fmovies, Dailymotion inside the app. More so you can add download videos also from all these sites.


  • Few ads but not annoying at all.
  • Not available on Google Play store.
  1. Video Downloader

The app features

  • Variety formats for video downloading.
  • Fast download speeds
  • Auto-detect videos

How to Use This Video Downloader

  • You have to browse the website using the built-in browser
  • The video will be detected, and a download button will pop up, >> tap the download button to download.


  • Doesn’t support YouTube video downloading.
  • Contains ads but not that much.

The list can be long. However, these are some of the apps you can opt to use. DMCA.com Protection Status

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