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Tech News - August 22, 2018

Samsung Pay enters Africa, Launching in South Africa

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay, a payment platform from the world leading mobile maker Samsung, is finally coming to Africa. Samsung Pay has launched in South Africa is the first country on the continent.

Samsung has partnered with two major South African banks, Absa and Standard Bank via their Visa and MasterCard Platforms. The company also worked closely with the payments regulatory body in the country the Payments Association of South Africa (Pasa).

The system has taken the company three years to build according to Samsung’s Electronics Africa President Sung Yoon and was well received by users in SA being well knowledgeable about payment systems compared to the service launch in the US in 2015.

Samsung Pay can be used on Galaxy devices using a simple installation and addition of payment card details. The system is secure with added PIN code, Fingerprint or iris scan and also backed up by Samsung Knox a security technology from Samsung Electronics.

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