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Tech - August 26, 2018

Researchers have a way to make safe Lithium-Ion batteries

Li-Ion batteries to be safe from explosion risks

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Smartphone battery explosion is well its not a new thing, and no smartphone maker is no culprit when it comes to this topic. The hardest impact of battery explosion was with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 which nearly cost them a fortune. However, Apple has also been a victim of the same. Just a few weeks ago an iPhone battery exploded in Germany causing Apple workers to close down the office for some time. There were no serious injuries, however.

Lithium-Io batteries are used vastly in the industry from not only smartphones but also in electric cars among other many applications. Li-Ion batteries are usually unstable and quick nature to explode when damaged researchers have reported that they found a way to reduce the chances of an explosion on impact.

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Rochester have come up with a new way of making Li-Ion batteries safer the cheap way. The team has discovered a way to reduce the fire risk by replacing the thin plastic which separates electrodes with a type of silica.

The concept behind this material is that silica will solidify when hit or when applied upon by pressure. Thus solidification will there prevent the contact between the positive and negative electrodes which further eliminates the risk of fire.

According to the researchers, this process will only require minor changes in the conventional battery manufacturing process.

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