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Tech News - August 17, 2018

OMG a 16-year-old Australian teen breaches Apple’s network security

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A 16-year-old teen in Australia has caught the media’s attention by hacking Apple’s secure network. The teen is said to have been dreaming of working with Apple in his life and maybe this was a chance to showcase the programming skills. The teen was taken to Australia’s Children’s court on Friday a consequence of his actions.

Apple on Friday reported that the hack didn’t compromise the customer data. Reporting on Australian Court, the teen is said to have breached into Apple’s mainframe from his home remotely and downloaded data worth 90GB. More so, according to the report the 16-year-old teen has been accessing the mainframe multiple times in a year.

Apple after noticing unauthorized access in the mainframe they first took control, then reported the issue to the Australian Feds. More so the company also reassured the users that under no circumstance will their data ever be at risk.

According to an Australian Media Company, The Age, the police had raided the boy’s home sometime last year and found two apple laptops with hacking files and instructions in a folder named “hacky hack hack.

The prosecutor in the case cited that the two laptops seized matched the serial numbers of the device that were having unauthorized security on the company’s secure network. The case will be finalized next month as the teen pleaded guilty.

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