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Gadget - Tech News - April 5, 2018

The new Intel’s Eighth generation chips are game changers

Intel 8th Gen Core

Core i9; Intel’s newly launched 8th generation chips for laptops are changing the gaming experience on laptops. The chips are aimed at improving performance in gaming and also content creation.

The new Intel 8th generation chips are badass for gamers, content creators and also VR. Intel on the launch of its new eighth-generation chips terms them as the fastest mobile processor-chips they’ve ever produced.

The core i9-8950k chip features six cores and 12 threads.The Core i9 chips are faster than their predecessors improving the performance of laptops.

Intel announced the release of their core i9 chips to desktops last year, but recently they’ve stated that the i9 chips are coming to laptops also. Intel noted that under turbo boost the i9 chip could translate to speeds of up to 4.8GHz.

The I9-8950K chips will have improved general performance of 29% than their predecessors. In gaming, the i9 will deliver an improvement of 41% and a 59% improvement in 4K video editing.

DELL are on the frontline to implement the core i9 chips. DELL according to a report said that they would soon release a version of their DELL XPS 15 laptop running on the new Intel Core i9-8950K chip.

Intels new core i5 and i7 chips
Screenshot: Intel

Apart from the core i9 chip, Intel also announced the release of the new generation of their Core i5 and Core i7 chips. The new core i5 and i7 chips will also feature intel’s Optane Memory support that will enhance their speed more than traditional chips.

The new Core i5 and i7 are both manufactured under Intel’s 40nm++ architecture called Coffee Lake. The previous chips were made under intel 40nm+ architecture which was called Kaby Lake R.

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