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Reviews - August 4, 2018

Mafia City Android Game Review

Mafia City android game cover

Hey, have you checked the Trending Strategy game on the Google Play store, Mafia City? I’m sure you’ve come across it. You may want to get the app and start playing like right now but wait… Is everything promised by the developer (s) accurate?

Just before you can get this app, it’s good to read some reality review from a friend who only played it, me. So before we get the time running out let’s get straight to it.

Experience Playing Mafia City

The game tops on Google Play store in the free strategy gaming apps with a 4.4* rating (gaming), 4.4*(Graphics) and a 4.3* rating on Controls. But in most occasions never trust the Google Play store reviews because they are usually hyped.

The reality is game developers typically pay advertisers to get mass downloads and also positive reviews. It’s important to note that the game only plays in portrait mode. When you launch the game, there’s some brief introduction around, but you won’t even realise the game has already started. The game has several levels up to level 15.

Each level gives you privileges of building a specific feature on your city such as a cargo hub, hospital, club, Ammu-nation and also a smelter. More so the cash and cargos will also be earned through the completion of specific tasks assigned to you. From completing the task, you gain either cargo boxes, cash or Gold bars.

You can also join “clans” which will help you out when you need assistance in missions; however, you need to be online for the feature to work. Chat rooms are also available where you can talk to other Mafia City Gamers online. It’s an easy game I remember reaching level 5 just in about 1 hour of play.

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• Offline gaming.
• Nice graphics.
• Resourceful guide to which any starter can understand and get along well.
• Small game Size 50.27MB on Google Play store as per the time of writing.
• Easy Play.

So far that’s the only pros the game has didn’t see any other thing interesting about this game despite its rating on Google Play store.
• No landscape gaming mode.
• You don’t get to control the game entirely. I mean this game you don’t fight at all individually.

In fact, the Mafia City game doesn’t offer you a chance to get in the game, but you play as a third party which is similar to watching a movie. Merely pause or resume kind of. You follow some “guided” steps, and you can’t do anything your way.

Were my expectations satisfied? A big no because most of the game description didn’t describe the game in reality. In fact, at first point, the featured image is given in landscape mode, but the game is in portrait mode.
And should you download it?
To me it’s a big No maybe you can try other games such as the famous Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. But there also other awesome strategy games, unlike Mafia City.

Graphics are beautiful, but the gaming experience is not reasonable given the unavailability of landscape mode. However, there's still so much work to be done here.
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