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Cryptocurrency - August 26, 2018

Kenya’s Electoral body IEBC seeks to apply Blockchain for transparency

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After election craziness in Kenya over the legitimacy of the process in several years, Kenya’s electoral body IEBC (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) has finally decided to opt to Blockchain for more transparency. The IEBC has announced that they will be holding conversations with the stakeholders move aimed at solving the legitimacy issues they’ve faced with the electoral process in the country.

IEBC announced that they are seeking to apply Blockchain technology in the coming elections in 2022. The electoral body is already in talks to form a commission which will oversee the process of the implementation of the technology. Blockchain has been the core foundation to the existence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Utilization of Blockchain technology will offer real-time polling results to improve the integrity of the commission. Blockchain application in the electoral process in Kenya has been suggested by various media outlets in Kenya such as Nation Media and also Blockchain Association of Kenya has advocated the issue for quite some time now.

Kenya, however, will not be the first country to apply the technology in Africa. Sierra Leone has been the first in the adoption of Blockchain in their recent elections that were held this year.

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However, will this entirely solve Kenya’s Electoral problems? Let us know in the comments below.

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