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Tech - July 18, 2018

Google I/O highlights 2018

Google I/O 2018

Google I/O summit 2018 was held in Shoreline Amphitheatre back in April. The summit was conducted with the aim of the introduction of the new technology in Google’s platforms both Android and general software updates. Many new features were introduced making Google more competitive with Apple Inc.’s technological progress. Here are the new cool features that Google launched. 

1. Google Duplex 

Google Duplex is the new but independent Google AI smarter than Google Voice Assistant. The AI in partnership with Wave Net features a more advanced intelligent AI. The AI features more human-like capabilities such as the inclusion of hmm… and hush in conversation. And even more of it is the negotiation skills Duplex is capable of.

In Google, I/O Google just provided a tease of how duplex will work. But recently in Houston, TX Duplex was first tested by several tech journalists who attended the private meeting. Duplex, however, is a new technology in its infant stages. Read about Duplex capabilities here.  

2. Gmail Smart Compose 

The feature uses AI machine learning to predict and suggest relevant phrases as you type. Directly hit the space Tab on your keyboard for the suggestion to auto-complete ok n your message. Read about Gmail Smart Compose here. 

3. Suggested Actions 

Suggested Actions provides easy sharing of photos with an individual you took the pictures with as long as the individual is in your contact lists.  The suggested Actions will suggest sharing the images with the individual in the photo. Other suggestions include photo coloring of your favorite black and white old photos. The proposed actions are only available on Google Photos

4. New Google Assistant voices

Google together with Wave Net has improved Google Assistant with more capabilities and also more voices have been added, six to be specific. Including John Legend’s voice. Google Assistant is also now more “human-like” than before.

5. Google News

The new Google news is integrated with AI thus reading the articles on your behalf and giving the highlights you need to know. The AI read the file hosts on your behalf. Newscasts were also introduced which pulls together everything about a particular activity for example in case of a movie; the Newscast will give you a collection of trailers, related articles and the full coverage of the film. Newscasts integrate places and things revolving around a given story live.

6. Android P update

Adaptive battery feature is integrated with AI aiming at conserving battery more. The feature enables you to choose which apps you’re going to use in a given period. The feature only will allow specific selective apps you decide to have a share of your battery.

The feature sees an increase in battery save of up to 30%. And even more to this is Adaptive brightness which also uses on-device machine learning to control your display light according to the time of the day and the brightness of the day.

Google also rolled out App Actions on Android P. According to your usage patterns; the AI gives possible next actions that you’re going to partake.

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Dashboard a new feature gives a ‘timeline’ of what you’ve been doing. The feature gives you the summary of activities you’ve been doing with your device and the amount of time.

Android P was also updated with a new App Timer that enables you to manage how much time you want to spend a day on a given app. The feature locks you out when the time runs out for you to use an app. Android P will give you a reminder when the time is almost up.

A new feature code-named Shush is integrated with Do Not Disturb ensuring no pings vibrations or any other app notifications.

7. Google Maps Live

The new Google Maps combines the power of street view, Google maps to give a live look of the direction. Street names and directions can now be viewed live on Google Maps.

8. Smart Text Selection

Easily copy and paste texts from the camera and paste it wherever you want.

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