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Tech News - August 24, 2018

Facebook’s security App Onavo stripped from Appstore

For failing to comply with privacy rules

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Facebook’s Onavo security app has been removed from Apple’s App store for failing to comply with their privacy rules. Apple in an update to their privacy rules has stated that an app must not collect information about which other apps are installed on a user’s device either for analytics or marketing purposes. Additionally, an app needs to specify which data they are collecting and state how they are going to use the acquired data.

Apple had given Facebook an early warning Thursday last week about the violation of privacy rules and wanted Facebook to remove the app voluntarily.

Onavo a VPN app was acquired by Facebook in 2013 from an Israel firm but never disclosed ownership to the app. The app was majorly used to protect user identity while downloading apps online and also browse the web more securely.

However, Facebook has stated clearly back in July to Congress that they collect data on what other app users have on their devices, but they don’t associate the data with Facebook products.

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