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TechAwl is a technology-based news/website that focuses on technology and business technology. More so we aim at providing the best technology product reviews that will benefit the consumer. We also go an extra mile by giving our customers tips, tricks, and tutorials on digital products such as software and applications. We aren’t limited to this either; we also provide any other material that may be relevant to our customers. Our main aim is to better the consumer lives technologically with our news, exclusive reviews among other tech-ish stuff.


TechAwl was founded in January 2018 by Alvin Wanjala.

 About Alvin M.

Alvin M.

Hey, I’m Alvin a guy majorly passionate about Technology and technology trends. I started this blog to share my tech passion with You. Developed interest in technology after finishing his O levels. Currently, he studies a Bachelors degree and also learns a lot of different other things. I’m kinda fun so don’t freak out talking to me. So what are you waiting for? Shoot me a message via Twitter|||Telegram or email.

Promise I won’t disappoint.

For queries and anything, please contact me via social media pages above or email [email protected]

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